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Tha Association publishes a quarterly newsletter. The newsletter is sent to all members via email in pdf format.

Members who wish to contribute to the newsletter should contact the editorial board at aia.newsletter.soci@gmail.com and emarino@hurricane.it

Guidelines for submissions

  • Texts should be sent in .rtf or .docx format but not in .pdf format
  • Font: Lucida Sans Unicode 11 pt.
  • Single-line spacing
  • Fully-justified text alignment
  • For Calls for Papers, please submit only the title of the conference or publication, the names of the organisers/editors, the place and date of the event/the publisher, and provide a link to the event or editorial project if available.
  • Conference announcements should not exceed 150 words.
  • Members’ publication announcements should not exceed 200 words
  • Conference reports should not exceed 400 words. 

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