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Conference: “ANGLO-ITALIAN HISTORY, 1500-1700: TRANSLATING NEWS, POLITICS AND COMMERCE”, University of Florence, Via S. Reparata, 93, 21 February 2020.

Speakers at the conference include Sara Barker (University of Leeds, United Kingdom); Davide Boerio (Medici Archive Project, Florence, Italy); Nicholas Brownlees (University of Florence, Italy); Brenda Hosington (University of Warwick, United Kingdom); Giovanni Iamartino (University of Milan, Italy); Polina Shvanyukova (University of Bergamo, Italy); Stefano Villani (University of Maryland, USA). The Chair include Alessio Assonitis (Medici Archive Project, Florence), Stefano U. Baldassarri (ISI Florence), Brendan Dooley (University College Cork, Ireland).

For the programme, please contact nicholas.brownlees@unifi.it.

Attendance is free, but for organizational reasons we kindly ask you to confirm your participation: please email  nicholas.brownlees@unifi.it by 1 February 2020.