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44th International Byron Conference

AIA Edtorial 0 774

The Italian Byron Society is pleased to announce the 44th International Byron Conference to be held in Ravenna from 2 to 7 July 2018.

Byron’s most famous use of the word “mobility” is in Don Juan, Canto 16, stanza XCVII, where he uses it to  describe Lady Adeline Amundeville, adding a footnote in which he defines it as “excessive susceptibility of  immediate impressions”. Since then the word has been taken up by critics and biographers from Thomas Moore
and Lady Blessington onwards, to refer to what seems an essential quality of Byron’s personality and poetry (and, particularly in more recent years, politics). The word has sometimes been linked with the notion of improvisation, especially when considering the spontaneity (or apparent spontaneity) of his verse: “I rattle on
exactly as I’d talk / With any body in a ride or walk.” (Don Juan, 15, XIX).

The conference will welcome 20-minute  papers on topics including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • formal experimentalism and improvisation
  • multiplicity of voices
  • hyphenated identities
  • genre hybridity
  • experience and imagination, fact and fiction
  • geographical mobility
  • cosmopolitan visions and identities
  • political mobility and improvisation
  • reinterpretations of Byron’s mobility in later periods

Please visit the conference website for details.