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Call for Papers – Textus Culture


Across Cultures, Languages, and Literatures

Editors: Maria Micaela COPPOLA, Francesca DI BLASIO, Sabrina FRANCESCONI (University of Trento) and Anne
BREWSTER (University of New South Wales)
Copy-editor: Magda Elizabeth ALTMAN (Basque Center on Brain, Cognition and Language, BCBL, San Sebastián,

The project aims at exploring the interdisciplinary dialogue between cultures, languages, and literatures from
theoretical, methodological, and thematic perspectives.
In interdisciplinary approaches, cultures, languages and literatures are complex and dynamic systems, in which
each discipline draws on the work of other disciplines, and the same issue can be tackled from different
theoretical and methodological points of view. Proposals are invited to analyse texts, genres, genders, cultures,
disciplines, languages, media, and theories as all-encompassing, superdiverse and superdiversing practices.
Individuals and cultures are mutually involved in complex, multifaceted, and ‘liquid’ dynamics. To investigate the
critical implications of these dynamics by adopting interdisciplinary approaches to cultural, linguistic, and
literary studies, or by bridging the gap between apparently diverging approaches (such as humanities and
science, or literature and medicine) is a transgressive and utterly desirable practice. Likewise, very productive
is the synergy between different critical approaches to cultures, literatures, and languages, as is the case with
cultural studies, postcolonial theories and environmental criticism, superdiversity and specialised discourse, or
feminist, gender and queer studies.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:
• interdisciplinary approaches to cultures, languages, and/or literatures
• transgression in and across cultures, languages, and/or literatures
• migrating in and across cultures, languages, and/or literatures
• intersectionality
• interdisciplinary approaches to Partnership organizational models
• interdisciplinary approaches to Postcolonial theories, interactions, changes
• superdiverse and superdiversing texts, communities, practices
• narrative empathy
• the dialogue among apparently diverging approaches or texts (i.e. humanities and sciences, literature,
narratology and medicine, etc.)
• synchronic and diachronic diversities
• questioning cultural, linguistic and/or literary canons
• cultural, linguistic and/or literary paradoxes and contact zones
• difference, appropriation and transculturation
• interdisciplinary approaches to education
• enhancement of communication, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills in interdisciplinary
• ecocritical perspectives

Deadline for abstracts: September 10, 2018
Acceptance of abstracts will be notified by: September 15, 2018
Deadline for articles: November 15, 2018
Please submit your abstract of approx. 500 words to Maria Micaela Coppola (mariamicaela.coppola@unitn.it),
Francesca Di Blasio (francesca.diblasio@unitn.it), Sabrina Francesconi (sabrina.francesconi@unitn.it) and Anne
BREWSTER (a.brewster@unsw.edu.au).

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